Hello, I’m Marketing Jayne

Marketing is my jam!

I've Done A Lot Of Marketing!

Airlines, pizza, casinos….even the world’s #1 selling male sex toy. If you can sell it, I’ve branded and marketed it! For more than 20 years, I have specialized in marketing for highly regulated industries.
I’m not trying to scare you but…


If you your brand falls within a regulated industry you better make sure! Does your marketing campaign look pretty? More like pretty tragic if you break any laws. What happens if you violate an industry licensing body’s advertising policies?

If your marketing team hasn’t at least talked to you about what small print you need in your ads, it is time to find somebody new. Like today!

Can you have a marketing strategy that is both legal AND looks good? Sure you can. You just need somebody who understands how to make that happen and cares enough to do it right.

Who is that somebody?  Me!



Award winning marketing director

Pioneer of digital affiliate marketing

Fluent in British and American Cultural Marketing

Expert in highly regulated industry marketing

Social Media Strategy Expert

Who is

Marketing Jayne?

Pennsylvania Dutch. Homesick Londoner. Los Angeles resident. Feminist. Sims addict. Music lover. Pug person. Film fan. Pun enthusiast. All necessary highlights on my personal brand storyboard.

I was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, lived in London, UK for more than 15 years and currently live in Los Angeles. I hold dual citizenship and consider myself a displaced Londoner. My voice sounds American but my heart beats in time with Land Of Hope and Glory.

How did I get into marketing?
Digital marketing is where it all began for me. Newly arrived in London, I needed a way to earn extra money while working my extremely low paid day job. I had heard that people were making money with websites. Already, in 1996, a veteran of dial-up BBS services and IRC chat, I decided to teach myself HTML.  That sounds impressive but it really, at that time, it meant staying up all night – one night – with a 100 page booklet. The next thing I knew, I was building websites to try to sell stuff through affiliate marketing programs.  Much to my shock, I was good at it and people started to send me checks. One of those people noticed I wasn’t too bad at marketing their product and asked if I would help mange their affiliate marketing program.  That is the moment that set the path for the rest of my professional life. At night, I was establishing myself as one of the first affiliate marketing managers in digital marketing.  So, when my daytime employer – a London-based travel agency – wanted volunteers to help form the United Kingdom’s first interactive online travel agency, I felt confident enough to raise my hand. Marketing was now my career. Digital marketing my specialty.
Why marketing for highly regulated industries?
Countless blessings came from having discovered the world of digital marketing back in the ‘wild west’ days. One of which was that I have always had to consider regulation as part of my marketing and branding plans. It wasn’t until I moved out into the wider world that I discovered a lot of marketing agencies don’t want to share the burden of having to balance lawful with creative. For me, it is an exciting challenge and a duty of care to my clients. Just because your advertising has to have a ton of disclaimer text in it doesn’t mean it can’t look good.
Can I book you for a panel or an interview?
Thank you for your interest! I’m always open to hearing about opportunities. Send me an email at sarahjayne@blimeybranding.com with details and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Are you interested in job offers?

Too much work? No such thing! If you are looking to hire a seasoned marketing professional, I’m happy to hear more. Send me an email to sarahjayne@blimeybranding.com with what you have in mind. If you want to help me achieve my dream of marketing a brand that requires me to travel frequently to London, send it extra fast!

What's up with the photos on this page?
All of the photos used on this page were taken by me. In most cases, they were shot in or around London.

I've had the honor to work with these great brands and many more...


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